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How much traffic?

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How much traffic can a trunk group carry if it has been engineered with 15 lines and I accept that one call in one hundred will be blocked?


An example calculation

An example calculation


To find the answer to this question, follow the following steps:


Select the Erlang B Calculator using the Tab Control at the top of the window.
Click with your mouse on the radio button marked Unknown which is in the B.H.T. section of the calculator. This indicates that it is the B.H.T. variable which you wish to calculate.
Enter the figure 15 into the edit box in the Lines section of the calculator.
Enter the figure 0.01 into the edit box in the Blocking section of the calculator.
Press the Calculate button.


After a short time, the figure 8.108 will be displayed in the B.H.T. edit box indicating that if this trunk group is to remain within the blocking figure of 1%, it can be offered a maximum level of traffic of 8.108 Erlangs during its busy hour, if the assumptions associated with the Erlang B traffic model are met.