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Erlang software products

Westbay Engineers Limited offers a range of products to assist with the design and analysis of voice communications networks and call centres.

  • VoIP calling

    Premium quality termination for wholesale carriers with their own VoIP switch.

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    Our lowest rates for wholesale carriers with their own VoIP switch.

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    Our unique online callshop billing system.

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Recommended software

Erlang traffic software for Windows

  • Erlang Calculators

    An easy to use and fast Windows product offering Erlang B, Extended Erlang B, Erlang C and Call Minutes calculators.

    Four products in one, plus Erlang for Excel free.

  • VoIP Calculator

    Our basic Voice over IP bandwidth calculator for Windows.

    The app comprises a single window with tabs to select between two bandwidth calculators.

  • Ansapoint

    Easily estimate the number of agents and trunks required at your call centre.

    Handles 15, 30 or 60 minute analytical intervals and includes reporting and graphing features.


For the call centre professional wishing to model their staffing and operational performance using Microsoft Excel. CC-Excel introduces nine functions to Excel for estimating staffing requirements and call handling using the Erlang C traffic model.

CC-Excel includes twelve example calculators and a staffing table in an example workbook. You can use them immediately or expand upon them to create your own call center modelling spreadsheets.

This Excel add-in costs just 99 US Dollars.

Erlang for Excel

An Add-In for Microsoft Excel or higher that introduces eight new functions to Excel, allowing you to incorporate Erlang B, Extended Erlang B and Erlang C calculations in your own spreadsheets.  Erlang for Excel supports both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Excel.

Erlang for Excel is sold as a package with Westbay Traffic Calculators; our Erlang calculator for Windows.

This Excel add-in costs just 99 US Dollars.

Westbay Traffic Calculators (and Erlang for Excel ™)

This programme comprises four Windows calculators: the Erlang B Calculator, Extended Erlang B Calculator, Erlang C (Call Centre) Calculator and the Call Minutes Calculator. Between them, they can be used to dimension trunk groups and predict the performance of switchboard operators and Call Centre agents. The package also includes the ability to display and print the results of any calculations made during the previous week.

You will also receive a free copy of Erlang for Excel.

This simple to use package costs just 99 US Dollars.


Ansapoint is a software tool which can help you work out how many agents you need at a call centre in order to answer your incoming calls according to service targets which you specify. Ansapoint will also estimate the number of trunks which should be connected to your call centre to handle the peak incoming traffic. Full charting and printed reports are also offered, making Ansapoint a versatile and flexible forecasting tool.

This simple to use package costs just 185 US Dollars.

VoIP Calculator

VoIP Calculator is our basic Voice over IP bandwidth calculator for Windows. The programme consists of a single window, with tabs to select between the Lines and IP Bandwidth Calculator and the Erlangs and IP Bandwidth Calculator.

VoIP Calculator is our lowest cost product at just 49 US Dollars.

Price list

Single user Site licence Global licence
Ansapoint US Dollars 185.00 945.00 2999.00
CC-Excel US Dollars 99.00 595.00 995.00
VoIP Calculator US Dollars 49.00 395.00 795.00
Westbay Traffic Calculators
(including Erlang for Excel )
US Dollars 99.00 495.00 995.00

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Our price list is fixed in US Dollars.  During the ordering process, you will be able to change this to the equivalent amount in Euros or Pounds Sterling.

Prices do not include Value Added Tax or Excise duty which will be added where required.

Prices quoted are valid only for advance payment and download of the software from our Web site.  There is an additional charge for shipping products by mail.

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