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How to do root cause analysis of KPI's

Wallis Dudhnath - 22nd May 2018  (09:15 GMT)

There are now several Expert Analytics Tools that can be used to provide information to key customer stakeholders: Managed Services, Service Operation Centre, Network Operations Centre, etc.. Information is collected from Probes, Signalling / Control planes, 3GPP OCS, CRM, Handset information, etc..

The Expert Analytics tool will aggregate and correlate the information from a near realtime Data Lake (Big / Fresh Data reservoir) and present the information as a set of easy to read graphs.

Fits into the wider topic of Customer Experience Management.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Ali - 17th May 2018  (10:08 GMT)

Any one can do or show us basic analysis for one of main KPI's that he know it very well

LEMAURE - 24th April 2018  (00:01 GMT)

Hello ALi!

for sure, it's quite tough to go through each of these KPis.
However, the best way of having them right for analysis and optim is to identify where each KPI takes its source (counters being pegged in call flow)
From there, you'll have many facilities in addressing them

jamil - 23rd April 2018  (05:47 GMT)

Ali this the professional he know them he will not give you them u must ask one by one .

Ali - 15th April 2018  (08:11 GMT)

No body from expert in this part can help???!!!

Ali - 31st March 2018  (17:14 GMT)

Dear Experts

Could you please help to share your experience the steps or documents of root cause analysis or basic analysis of the below CS and HSS core KPI's :-

Absent SMS Subscriber
Absent Subscriber
Average CPU Usage
Call Barred
Max CPU Load
Number of 2G Subscribers Roaming Outside the Home PLMN Country
Number of EPS Active Subscribers
Number of Sent Response Messages over Cx Interface of HSS
Number of Sent Response Messages over Sh Interface of HSS
Number of Sent Successful Response Messages over Cx Interface of HSS
Number of Sent Successful Response Messages over Sh Interface of HSS
Number of Static EPS Subscribers
Operation Aborted Times
Operation Requests
Operation Timeout Times
Positive Responses
Roaming Not Allowed
Success Rate of Cancel Location
Success Rate of GPRS Location Update
Success Rate of Insert Subscriber Data
Success Rate of Provide Roaming Number
Success Rate of Send Authentication Info
Success Rate of Send Routing Info
Success Rate of Send Routing Info for SM
Success Rate of Update Location
Successful Response Rate of CLR Messages
Successful Response Rate of IDR Messages
System Failure
Unexpected Data Value
Unknown Subscriber
Success Rate of Process Unstructured SS Data (%)
Success Rate of Process Unstructed SS Request(%)
Success Rate of Messages over Sh Interface (%)
Success Rate of Cx Interface Messages (%)

CS core KPI's
Handover Success Rate%
MAP Standard Operation
CPU load rate(%)
2G Assignment Success Rate
3G Assignment Success Rate
Location update Success Rate
Paging Success Rate
Busy Hour Call Attempts
Global Answer Traffic (Erl)
Global Seizure Traffic (Erl)
3G Call Setup time
2G Call Setup time
A Interface Authentication Success Rate
Answer to Bid Ratio
BSC Trunk Utilization
EC Utilization
Handover Success Rate
Packet Loss Rate
SMS Success Rate
TC Utilization
Drop Call rate

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