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cause of network issue-phone specific

sm - 15th February 2018  (09:43 GMT)

Thanks for your response ,Wallis sir

Wallis Dudhnath - 5th October 2017  (17:54 GMT)

Hi SM,

Been a long time since I took traces on the required nodes.

You may need to get 2nd line support to help you to activate any specific traces.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

sm - 3rd October 2017  (10:25 GMT)

i have access also to Nortel BSC

sm - 3rd October 2017  (08:19 GMT)

Sir Pix and Sir Wallis , at first , thanks a lot for the encouragement in the form of your responses..

"It would be best to do a trace of those messages (either from MS itself, or from network probes)"

Sir i dont have access to the network probes .. how can i check it in the mobile phone ? i dont have access to the MSC/media gateway either ..
Can it be done in Ericsson BSC ? or RNC ? i have access to both , If so, sir can you give some guidance ?

Wallis Dudhnath - 27th September 2017  (17:35 GMT)

Hi SM,

Pix has summarised this well.

Several interworking tests along with active traces will help with the Root Cause Analysis.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

pix - 25th September 2017  (21:18 GMT)


After booting the MS should send a location update, and go through all the security steps to attach to the network.

It would be best to do a trace of those messages (either from MS itself, or from network probes) to understand why the NW is rejecting those MS. You'll see a reject message with a specific cause of rejection.

Do you have access to such probes ? In E/// you can trace directly from GPEH or CTR.


sm - 25th September 2017  (10:11 GMT)

Mr. Wallis , i am very much thankful for your response..
Here i would like to add some more info..The Redmi Note4 can neither latch to GSM (Nortel) , Nor to GSM/WCDMA (Ericsson)in my area..
Being a novice i did not understand when you said Radio stack of Note4..Do you mean the range of frequencies on which the note4 can operate ?
What functionalities can those patches add to the network ? Should they be deployed in BSC,Media Gateway , GMSC or in IN ?
With thanks in advance

Wallis Dudhnath - 17th September 2017  (18:02 GMT)

As it is Nortel I am assuming that this is IS-95, i.e. classic CDMA. Check that the Radio stack of note4 aligns with the Radio Network of Nortel/Ericsson. aligns.

A few rounds of Interworking tests will be required to determine the Root-Case Analysis. Check that the Nortel / Ericsson Radio Network has all of the latest patches deployed.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

sm - 16th September 2017  (07:01 GMT)

i hve got several complains about inability of Redmi note4 phones to latch with BSNL Nortel / ericsson network whereas it can latch on to ZTE network of BSNL as per input from customers..what may the problem be ??
..i have checked it and found the complain was well founded .

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