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Tx Power decrease in ALU GSM BTS

Deevv - 31st March 2018  (03:55 GMT)

The tx power is the issue of TGT and AGC.

Swap the TGT card with the repaired one.

bluep - 24th June 2015  (02:39 GMT)

Dear Pix
I found that it's from sector mapping in BTS NEM software. When we don't choose Brigde function, the 8PSK TRE power will increase to max 42 dBm ( GMSK power now is 44 )
However, measurement by driving test is not improve much( 2G idle mode)
So pls give me your advice, does the Brigde affect much to TRE output power ? My teammate said that this brigde is needed for TGT and AGC cabling, and it doesn't affect to output power

pix - 22nd April 2015  (07:56 GMT)

what a weird issue... i guess you will need to raise the issue to alu support (as you probably did already).

thanks for sharing, let's see if anyone else can comment on this.


bluep - 15th April 2015  (03:49 GMT)

Tks Pix for reply
We're using twin TRX of ALU ( GSM ) 2/2/2 configuration
I tried to swap TGT, AGC , but no hope
Many sites in my networks faced with this problem, TX decreasing. Some cells after HW audit ( BTS on/off again ) are return again max power, but the others are not
All of them have same PC defined parameters

pix - 14th April 2015  (20:06 GMT)


that's a very weird issue... how many trx & TGT per sector ?

have you tried swapping those TGT from sector 1 to sector 2 ?



bluep - 14th April 2015  (14:19 GMT)

Dear Experts, pls help me solving this problem
- I found that Tx Power of some sectors in my ALU GSM BTS is different with others, even they have same parameters defined, same configurations
- I tried to replace TGT, AGC or Suma, checked combiner, TX_Power_attenuation parameter....however, they're not return to max power like others
TRE 8PSK Capability ( dbm )
Sector 1: 44.3
Sector 2: 39.8
Sector 3: 39.8
Please see the pic and give me your advice
Tks a lot

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