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Huge No. of Location update!!!

Ayat - 19th March 2018  (13:30 GMT)

In our network I.notice huge loction.update fail form core.side for unkown subscribers ," imsi unkown in HLR " with unlimited try to do.loc up ..any idea to control huge retry time ?

Mania - 26th August 2010  (04:44 GMT)

yup a probe based solution / K12 would be the ideal for this testing else you can get it checked from your NSS Team.

pix - 24th August 2010  (10:49 GMT)


yes, the only way to investigate is to analyse the IMSI of the LU failures : always same IMSI ? or several IMSIs ?
who are using these IMSIs, etc...
then you can investigate Mania's leads.


Mania - 24th August 2010  (05:28 GMT)

Well check if there is any SIM registration / big franchise or sale center center there, normal practice they use is to insert the sim in a device and check if it registers to the network.
Check for their hours of opperation and coorelate with your stats.
Or check if any of the Car Tracker firms are using your network as the normal practice is to block their sims for non-payment but the sim still tries to register to the network when SMSing their coordinates and fails. this generates Large LU requests and failures. any similar activity may be responcible

Jack - 23rd August 2010  (09:51 GMT)

Hello Pix,
Kindly; do you think one or 2 mobiles can do more than 10000 location update within 1 hour and even within the 3 cells; I think it's an HW issue but the problem I can't get a good support from maintenance team; I have to know which part that they have to check? they are not ready to check the site totally :)


pix - 20th August 2010  (18:16 GMT)


either a faulty MS (very possible !) or a faulty hardware in the cell.

can you trace (on A-interface) if the LU are always coming from same IMSI or not ?


Jack - 20th August 2010  (15:36 GMT)

One of huawei site in the mid of a big LAC with huge No. of channel request due to Loacation update which is interesting and creating a very bad performnace of TCH and SDCCH Asgn. rate, what could be the reason,
i already checked BSS paramt.; new sites; ......,

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