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BMA & HYS parameters

dharmendra - 11th May 2018  (05:59 GMT)

How Works BMA

TANMOY DEY - 19th July 2016  (07:03 GMT)


Rakesh solanki - 5th July 2015  (16:09 GMT)

What the use of BMA.

Rakesh solanki - 6th June 2015  (09:03 GMT)

Dear all,

what is the defaul value for this. & what is the value for HYS on boundary cells

Jaspreet - 3rd December 2009  (14:40 GMT)

Thanks again guys

You all are really kind.


Bijoy - 1st December 2009  (12:09 GMT)

Thanks Ali
Kindly consider HYS only when reselection happens to different LAC.

Well,"BTS Preprocessing" feature is in all vendors except Ericsson:-).
That's why I left Ericsson:-)


AliAsgher - 1st December 2009  (09:11 GMT)

*A little clarification, HYS is used for cells with different LACs only. That is this hysteresis is applied when reselection is to be made for cells of different LACs. (I thought someone might misunderstand it Bijoy)

Regarding BMA, I think it is used with some kind of feature "MR Preprocessing in BTS" etc. I am unaware of such feature in Ericsson. Please relief me Bijoy :)

Jaspreet - 30th November 2009  (18:18 GMT)

Thanks a ton @Bijoy

safar - 30th November 2009  (14:00 GMT)


anybody know abt like this bma parameter in ericsson?

Bijoy - 30th November 2009  (08:35 GMT)

Hi Jaspreet
BMA defines how many SACCH multiframes are used in measurement averaging in the BTS.The preprocessing of the measurement results in the BTS
reduces the traffic load of the LAPD links and BCSU units.

HYS defines the received RF power level hysteresis for required cell reselection.Higher the HYS ,less frequent will be cell reselection,and lesser the SDCCH usage for Location update.

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