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Feature of Dynamic SDCCH

AMB - 1st July 2017  (11:19 GMT)

Can some one mention which parameter value to change for Huawei vendor.

Ajmal Aryanpoor - 29th March 2011  (08:34 GMT)

Hi All,

the function is BSC & CELL level and need to activate in CELLS which the SD congestion is high, but threshold is BSC level.

Pix - 7th April 2009  (20:29 GMT)


The timeslot configuration is done per cell. For isntance, timeslot 3 of TRX2 is configured as SDCCH Dynamic, for one cell.
And then some other were not configured with sdcch dynamic... etc.

The feature itself is an OMC-R feature, which allows the cells within the OMCR to be configured with SDCCH Dyn.
The BSC supports it, obviously, but it is not part of the configuration or the activation process.

ATTO - 6th April 2009  (17:01 GMT)


Perphaps implementation depends on vendors specific. Some vendors could block this feature till u purchase it.

All i know is that BSC can't apply dynamic SDCCH allocation on cell level when no timeslot have been defined as SDCCH/TCH dynamic allocation capable.

Thanks !

MKT - 3rd April 2009  (16:12 GMT)

Ok, agreed.
That BSC must support the feature .
But somebody told me that feature is enabled or disabled at BSC level, all the cells connected to the BSC will start behaving as per the defination of dynamic sdcch.

Jacky - 3rd April 2009  (15:58 GMT)

i would like to ask about the TRX mapping on TCUC @ Alcatel BSCs. if i'am right the TCUC can handle 32 SDCCH channels. is there any feature or issue to handle TCUC SDCCH overload?

ATTO - 3rd April 2009  (14:41 GMT)


logically (my logic) the Dynamic SDCCH is a feature at BSC level.
It is necessary for the BSC to support this feature because it is the one that allocate channels. He knows the configuration at any moment of its cells and decide whether channel is SDCCH or TCH depending on load. HE MUST SUPPORT this feature to do it.

At BTS level it is just for configuration purpose.It allows BSC to only know if it is possible to use channel in SDCCH or TCH mode.

Best regards.

MKT - 2nd April 2009  (18:17 GMT)

Hi all,

Pl clarify ..

Whether the Dynamic SDCCH is a feature at BSC level or Cell level.


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