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BTS Capacity

Chanmyae - 22nd May 2018  (04:15 GMT)

Actively study about RF Spectrum

Sandeep Singh - 27th November 2013  (13:32 GMT)

actually i want to know that how to calculate Subscribers capacity of Nokia GSM BTS (6+6+6, configuration.

Please Sir describe it step by step, actually i am fresher....
if have no any problem then plz send me answer on my mail id :-

Amex - 3rd July 2010  (04:36 GMT)

HI frings
ths for answer!! i hope it will work. I will informe you!!

frings - 1st July 2010  (15:06 GMT)

hi amex.
as u said ,when RBS use XRANGE and TCC feature, the actul capacity turn to be 1/4. Transceiver Group Synchronisation function can synchronize 2 RBS, but we never tried it on XRANGE&TCC cells.i think it is logically valid.

Amex - 29th June 2010  (17:23 GMT)

hi Prabeen. Thx for you answer
I just want to know that is it possible to synchronize 2 RBS and using them for one sector. yes you are right we can use these 18 hopping bu i'm not sure of extend of 2nd cabinet per cell.

Prabeen - 29th June 2010  (07:06 GMT)

I really dont understand the concepts u have mentioned. Installing 4,4,4 and using 1,1,1???? Is it advisable??? Somebody help me....

But if u have 18 arfcn u can very well increase to 6,6,6 (TRX). The MAIO can be 0 6 12 1 7
2 8 14 3 9
4 10 16 5 11

Amex - 28th June 2010  (13:10 GMT)

Hi Prabeen.
When we are activating TCC or XRANGE configuration we will devide by 2. I mean if we have 4,4,4 if we activate these 2 feature logical configuration will be 1,1,1 (Onli one TRX will be used.
Now i have phisical 12,12,12 (locigal - 3,3,3)I want ot increase it to 6,6,6 phisical 24,24,24. Is it posible to instal 2RBS per cell??We have 18TCH + 13 BCCH channels.

Prabeen - 28th June 2010  (06:38 GMT)

Wat do you mean by logical 3,3,3 and phisical 12,12,12. i dont understand.

Also tell me whether u have got 18 CA list (TCH) or is it inclusive of BCCH??

Amex - 25th June 2010  (04:29 GMT)

Hi Prabeen. thx for you answer.
we are using hoping and 18 arfcn on them. what can i do? this site serving huge coverage

Prabeen - 24th June 2010  (12:52 GMT)

It depends on number of arfcn u have. How many arfcn do u have?

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