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Erlang to minute conversion

mbaye - 19th February 2018  (14:37 GMT)

conversion erlang mbps

optimizer - 23rd October 2012  (08:25 GMT)

Ayat. And where is the number of calls used in your calculation?

Ayat - 22nd October 2012  (13:25 GMT)

if you have number of calls and the duratiin of these calls you can get the traffic by erlang

for example if # of call ateempts 400K in BH and the duration in 4879065 sec. you can do this calculation 4879065/3600=1355.29 erl

if daily total you have to divide /(3600*24)

Hussein - 21st October 2012  (11:12 GMT)

from access part in GSM how can i convert Erlang value to houlding time if number of call is not available?


Eric - 9th August 2010  (06:47 GMT)


Can anyone help me on this concern,

Assuming i have a projected monthly call minutes of 400K, how will i convert this into erlang?

For dimensioning purpose, how could i calculate for the trunk requirement (base on peak traffic only)

Hope you can help me on this.


inferno - 26th January 2009  (08:55 GMT)

n=number of people(for example 1)
T=minutes(1 minutes)

E=0.25mE during 1 minute conversation(for 1 person)
it is formula to calculate erlang

Ayat - 18th January 2009  (07:35 GMT)


i need to know ,Average of location update

= duration of location update (ms)/location upadte request .

pix - 12th January 2009  (09:37 GMT)

... yes, that was for you, Cplus.
I'm afraid my answer does not answer your question???

cplus - 9th January 2009  (06:09 GMT)

Dear Pix, is that last answer for my question ? Because i have doubt whether is for my question or not. Thank u very much...

Pix - 8th January 2009  (19:57 GMT)

Bandwidth ?

I assume you mean the number of channels compared to the number of erlangs?
6 channels can carry only 2.3 erlangs (which means that only 2.3 channels are busy during one hour, in average, but that's enough to get 2% congestion), and so on?

Well, the reason is because the traffic has a random rate of arrivals, and you want to keep the probability of "1 call incoming while 6 are already engaged" as low as possible (below 2%).


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