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difference between CF and TG ?

Amrit Mandal - 21st December 2017  (03:01 GMT)

please tell me what is the full form of TG & CF ?

James M - 25th October 2016  (00:14 GMT)

Thank you

john_rob - 24th October 2007  (05:51 GMT)

Dear Mucky,
thanks a lot,
To maintain the local problem i only reset the CF.
when software shows sectors blocked, can i consider it is the local problem first, and use CF reset?

Mucky - 24th October 2007  (02:23 GMT)

Dear John,

CF is only representation of DXU state in the RBS and TG is represent which cell are connected to the Transceiver Group. TG is used when we have problem with MO,which affected to the cell.So if you want to loading new software to the RBS,it should be reset the TG,other way you only reset the CF(DXU) to maintain the local problem on the RBS(especially when the DXU Fail to loading caused by Power or Transmission Problem)

john_rob - 22nd October 2007  (18:18 GMT)

Hi friends,
what is the difference between CF and TG (in command of ericsson)?(ex. reset with CF or TG)
when should i use command with cf(rxocf) and when tg?


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