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DIP is not comming into service.

Lalit parihar - 9th May 2018  (16:31 GMT)

Dip working but loading not taken by bts multiple sites are down in different different bsc in 2g only..

YUNUS - 19th January 2016  (08:20 GMT)

I are facing an issue wherein CF ,TF is operational But RXOIS does not come up resulting in All trx to remain down.

Can you plz help.

No DIP Errors found,
This is happening when a site goes down, when it comes back One sector remains down.

We have recently Implemented ABIS over IP for this RBSC.

amit - 26th February 2013  (06:29 GMT)


Similar Problem i am also facing...TRU is going in fail mode, MO fault description is Permanent fault and Bus fault in few cases.

we observed this alarm in 2204 BTS and 2964 BTS aswell.

in 2204 BTS, we changed the BTS s/w from R25E to R22F and found that issue got resolved permanently ( haven't repeated from 1-2 months)

But issue is repeating in 2964 cabinet.

Ibrahim - 13th December 2007  (21:46 GMT)

Thanx John for responding to my quetion.

John - 12th December 2007  (21:42 GMT)

Can be a few things
There is no connection to the TRX in the BTS
The CF cannot communicate with the TRX
Are the RXOIS and RXOCON working
ABIS connections correct ?

Not in Local mode ?

Ibrahim - 8th December 2007  (02:30 GMT)

What is OML fault in Ericsson system? Can anyone help?

John - 4th December 2007  (22:42 GMT)

Glad to help
Its a common problem

Nur - 1st December 2007  (05:54 GMT)

Hi Prabhakar Verma !

By changing Tx and RX wire,the problem was resolved.

Hi mugna69 !

i did but...again...

Hi John !
Your advice gave me more knowledge.

mugna69 - 27th November 2007  (08:40 GMT)

It happened to me sometimes..

check crc value:


try and let me know if it worked..

Nur - 10th November 2007  (18:13 GMT)

RXOTRX-000-00 showing like below

If i block/deblock & Out/In service.then it comes in service.
but after 3 or 4 hours, the same problem again happens.Please give me Permanent solution.

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