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Nokia Alarm combination

Indranil Chaulya - 13th March 2018  (11:15 GMT)


Some one please help what should we do for 7724 alarm

Rajratna - 1st July 2010  (06:54 GMT)

can you please explain more about 7723 FAILURE IN SENDING SYSTEM INFORMATION TO BTS SITE alarm.

prathap - 9th April 2010  (16:08 GMT)

Hi Patrick,

Ch. failure rate above threshold alarm got in One sector.
I am verified RL,VSWR,Cabling. All or OK
Replaced HW in that sector( TRxs,DVJA,M2LA,BB2F), again I am getting this alarm,Sector having 6Trxs.

Please help me .........

Fernando - 12th December 2006  (06:36 GMT)

Hi... Fault Code : 10 means that there are no seizure for your GPRS timeslot....

Cam - 25th November 2006  (11:37 GMT)


Is there anyone wo can tell med what the alarm
Bts with no transactions, fault code 10 means?

patrick - 9th October 2006  (18:52 GMT)

arvind Alane - 8 Oct 2006

It is the same explanation that BTS outdoor.

arvind Alane - 8th October 2006  (15:44 GMT)

i am getting one alarm i.e. Exceded in RX Level difference can anybody tell me why it is coming (NOKIA INDOOR)

un7fda - 7th October 2006  (06:24 GMT)

Yes sunggus, all indeed.

sunggus - 6th October 2006  (09:38 GMT)


Alarm 7738: BTS WITH NO TRANSACTIONS, could be occur by two reasons:
1. No incoming call, i.e due to DVxx is broken.
2. The cell facing the very rural area, so nobody make call.

The alarm itself will be generated if in one hour continuously detected no call, and the alarm will be cancelled if after one hour detected call has made.
If such alarm occurs, just replace the DVxx or made call in that cell.

patrick - 26th July 2006  (20:50 GMT)

Rahul - 23 Jul 2006

ALARM 7738
I don't have a solution for this alarm.

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