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Wallis Dudhnath - 20th December 2018  (13:33 GMT)

Sorry for the late answer.

Lot of points in this thread/post.

Most CSPs - Communication Service Providers - have deployed 4G / IMS for VoLTE and ViLTE Services.

In LTE architecture, core network includes Mobility Management Entity (MME), Serving Gateway (SGW), Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) and Enhanced NodeB (eNodeB).

3GPP can be used to look at the signalling / protocols. In particular, you can find information using Google and www dot 3gpp dot org.

Key areas to look at: L1, L2, SCTP, IP, S1-AP, X2, etc..

At the time of writing 5G is now being introduced.

Reference Specifications:

3GPP TS 29.281 - GTP
3GPP TS 36.410 - S1 Layer 1

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

ABC - 15th May 2007  (11:29 GMT)

Hi All,

Sameer Lo tried to start a genuine topic.

Plz Guys try to stick to this topic


Krishnan - 14th May 2007  (09:50 GMT)


can anybody tell me about the M2PA?

Dude - 10th May 2007  (07:50 GMT)

Hi Soumendra,

It depends on the kind of switch you're using and the nodes that you are connecting to. For example, if you are using a softswitch you have an option of using M2UA, M3UA or simply TDM based ss7. If you are also connecting to some nodes that also use sigtran then you can also use the above signalling protocols as well to connect to those. In the event that you have an IN system (or a RTBS) then you might need CAMEL as well.

I hope that gives you a rough idea of what to check for.

VK - 8th May 2007  (16:58 GMT)


Yes, it is contrasting! That came with a lighter vein. I have been sitting on C7 for quite a long time now.

There is one similarity b/w you & me. I am also looking to get in to development, to be precise - C7.

I am also looking for details on it. Will share the resource if I come across any. But, can any one help us both?

Dude - 8th May 2007  (15:52 GMT)

That sort of contrasts with your earlier sentiments. From an operator perspective, I agree with your latter statement...C7 is very good. I wouldn't know from a developer's perspective since I'm not a developer though I'm considering going into development. Can you give me a pointer to resources that can get me started in developing protocols - C7 in particular?

VK - 8th May 2007  (15:04 GMT)


C7 is the best. It is very simple. It is not challenging though! Any one can get to learn about it. If you are devoloping it, then it is a different story!

Dude - 8th May 2007  (14:23 GMT)

VK...why do you think C7 is crap...any particular reason? Which signalling method do you think is best from an operator perspective? I work for an operator and we use C7 and I haven't seen anything wrong with it so far...

ta - 5th May 2007  (16:16 GMT)

I need materials ss7 signaling ,and wath difference between ss7 and MF(R2)signaling.
signaling over ip
thanks for your sending
my email

VK - 3rd May 2007  (16:01 GMT)

C7 - Absolute crap from operator side of view. Very good if you are a developer.

Softswitch - A step toward integrating your system & to welcome 3 G in respective circles.

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