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We are proud to have many satisfied customers from around the globe.  Our customers vary in size from one man call center consultants to the largest telecommunications carriers in the world.

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What our customers say about us

"Outstanding!  Thanks for your assistance and for a superior, easy to use, product."
Scott Wozniak, eFunds Corp.

"Your software is great, I would recommend it to anyone.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you."
John McGowan, PROSOFT Inc.

"It is clear that your company is dedicated to outstanding customer service, and I would like to personally thank you for your exemplary service today."
Dan Faulkner, Southwestern Bell Wireless.

"The Software package is wonderful tool and a must for any call center or help desk."
Owen Reese, Fleet Mortgage Group.

"I'm really happy with my decision to purchase this software from your company, this is the level of Service Quality that we all expect, and your company is doing an outstanding job is this area. You always have a quick answer and fulfil my expectations."
Osvaldo Velarde, Citicorp

"You distinguish yourselves from the vast internet hordes by virtue of your rapid, friendly email response."
Martin F. Votel, Cincinnati Bell Telephone.

"Thanks for all you assistance and very quick response, far in excess of what we had expected.   I will certainly recommend you to our clients."
Jeremy Hamill-Keays, Terraplay.

Westbay Engineers Ltd. product Erlang for Excel and Westbay Traffic Calculators is useful, functional and accurate. I am a private consultant working for a large national wireless carrier and use Westbay's product on a daily bases to help in my day-to-day activities. Also, Westbay's product, and I imagine all of their products, are only surpassed by their responsiveness and excellence in customer service.
Robert Scott Read, Consultant, Traffic Engineering.

Some of our customers

AT&T bt.gif (1986 bytes) Cisco Microsoft Corporation United Nations
Intel Corporation AOL Telstra Ford Motor Company IBM
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Our largest customers need no introduction, but we are also a trusted supplier of telecommunications software to companies of all sizes, around the World.  Here are a selection (there are many more):

911 Dispatch Services Inc
A.T. Kearney
Abacus Communications
Access Point, Inc.
ADT Telefonservice
Afrilink Belgium S.A.
Airborne Express
Airgate Wireless
Airspan Communications
Allina Health System
ALLTEL Information Services
Antelecom N.V.
Arrus Knoble Ltd
Arthur Andersen
Arthur D. Little, Inc.
ATX Technologies Inc.
AVIRNEX Communications
Barclays Bank PLC
Booz Allen & Hamilton
British Philatelic Bureau
BSA Comunicaciones
British Telecom
Business Telephone Systems
Call Processing Technologies
Callahan and Associates
Car Care Plan Ltd.
Childrens Medical Centre
Cisco Systems Inc
Compaq Computer Corp.
Compass Bank
Conectiv Communications
Connaught FactsLine Ltd
Corning Incorporated

Davox Corporation
DCD Communications, Inc.
Excel Switching Corporation
Fidelity Investments
First USA Bank
Fleet Credit Card Services
Fleet Mortgage Group
Florida Digital Networks, Inc
Gartner Group
GE Financial Assurance
Genesys Canada
Glencore International AG
Global One
Hamilton Telephone Company
Honolulu Cellular
Hughes Network Systems
Human Resource Telecentre
IBM Global Services
Interglobe Telecommunications
InterVoice Ltd.
Katholieke Univertiteit Nijmegen
Long Distance International
Lucent Technologies
Lutron Electronics
LWL Telecom
Madison Gas & Electric
Millicom Luxembourg
Mitchell Madison Group
Mitel MTS
Motorola PSG
Netrix Corporation
Nextel Communications
Northcoast Communications
Northern Telecom

Northwest Airlines
OneLink Communications
Options Health Inc.
Pacific Bell
PanAmSat Corporation
Pizza 73
Pratt & Whitney
Premier Direct, Inc.
Prosoft, Inc.
Secure Computing
Sendit AB
Servicios Integrales de Telecomunicaciones
Shea Network Solutions
SkyComm, Inc.
SmithKline Beecham
Sociedad Comercial Extremo
Southeastern Telecom, Inc.
Southwestern Bell Wireless
Stratus Computer
System Dynamics Inc.
Telecom Argentina
TeleManagement Services, Inc.
Telenor International AS
Teligent Inc.
Telstra Corporation
TFS Limited
THERON Business Consulting
Touch 1 Communications
Towers Perrin
Transport SA
U.S. Department of Transportation
UCSD Medical Center
Union Carbide Corp.
Vesta Forsikring AS
VIS-a-VIS Communications
Westpac Banking Corporation
Woodchester Cred Lyonnais
WorldCom Japan
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