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"I recommend the product highly" - Computer Telephony Magazine.
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Highlights of the article

Here are highlights of the recent Computer Telephony Magazine article:

"So how do you calculate the number of lines needed on a CT system?"

"A company I discovered recently, Westbay Engineers Ltd. ... has a great resource for this on their Website - They host a free java on-line traffic calculator for Erlang B calculations that provides results for up to 180 phone lines. What's more, for [99 US Dollars], you can download a Windows-based calculator for your PC or Laptop that does Erlang B, Extended Erlang B and Erlang C calculations."

"...Their product definitely beats the heck out of lugging around your Erlang tables. Check out the screenshots. They give you an idea of how easy the calculator is to use. Again, I recommend the product highly."

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