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This page contains information about the activities of Westbay Engineers Ltd. and includes information on how to contact us.

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About the company

Westbay Engineers Limited has been providing telecommunications project management and network design services since 1989.  We have worked on many major projects for customers throughout Europe in the following business sectors:
  • Investment banking
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications Carriers
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Local Government

As far as we know, we provided the world's first free online Erlang traffic calculators in 1996, and, to this day, they have remained the most popular part of our Web site.

We offer telecommunications modelling software and telecommunications and call centre tools for Microsoft Excel.  Our customers include AT&T, MCI, British Telecom, Siemens, Ericsson and numerous other carriers and operators of private networks.

We are a Private Limited Company based in Crawley, near Gatwick Airport, 50 kilometres south of London in the U.K.

Privacy statement

Protecting the privacy of our customers and visitors has always been a high priority for us.  Our policy regarding privacy is documented in a statement, which also addresses the technical and security aspects of this Web site.

How to contact us

You are welcome to contact us by one of the following means:
Telephone +44 1293 322223
Address 21 Pagewood Close
RH10 7ZL
United Kingdom
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