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Erlang add-ins for Excel to allow erlang traffic calculations to be included in excel spreadsheets

CC-Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-in that installs nine functions for calculating call centre operations. It includes example calculators and spreadsheets.

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Introduction to CC-Excel

CC-Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-in that installs nine new call center staffing functions into Excel. Using these functions, you can build workbooks to model your call centre and estimate its performance and staffing requirements. CC-Excel is installed with example calculators and tables that can be used to analyse call centres straight away and that also demonstrate how the functions work so you can build new workbooks to meet your own analytical requirements.

CC-Excel is available for immediate download for 99 US Dollars.  Click here to find out how to purchase.

ccexcellogo100.gif (5189 bytes)

Using CC-Excel

CC-Excel brings nine new functions to Microsoft Excel for analysing and planning call center staffing operations. The example below shows the function CCXLAgents() in use in one of the 12 calculators installed with CC-Excel. This calculator has estimated how many agents are required to answer 1050 calls per hour with an average duration of 250s.  In this case, the service level target is for 80% of the calls to be answered within 20 seconds, and the result is 80 agents.  The service target can also be specified in terms of the average answering speed of all calls (ASA).

CCXLAgents() function in use

Nine functions are installed with CC-Excel:

Function name Description
CCXLAgents() Estimates the number of agents required to handle incoming calls within specified service level parameters.
CCXLCalls() Estimates the number of calls that an inbound call centre can handle within specified service level targets.
CCXLDuration() Estimates the average length call that a call centre if the number of agents and number of incoming calls are known.
CCXLASA() Estimates the average speed in which calls will be answered.
CCXLQueue() Estimates the average number of calls that will be queued and waiting for presentation to an agent.
CCXLOccupancy() Estimates the percentage of their time that agents will be busy handling inbound calls.
CCXLAllBusy() Estimates the percentage of calls that will arrive while all agents are occupied and will therefore enter a queue.
CCXLService() Estimates the percentage of calls that will be answered within a specified service time.
CCXLLines() Estimates the number of telephone lines that are required to handle the inbound calls into a centre.

A full reference for the call center Excel functions are provided in the CC-Excel User Guide.

Building your own worksheets

The strength of CC-Excel is the flexibility and freedom that it gives you to design workbooks to meet your exact requirements, rather than being tied to the formats and assumptions of Windows workforce management applications. With some knowledge of Excel, you can use its more advanced features such as lookup tables, conditional formating and charting to build complex modelling tools.

Building complex call center spreadsheet tables with CC-Excel

The staffing table (above) is included with CC-Excel in an example worksheet that is an emulation of Ansapoint, our Windows call center calculator. It is a fully working call center staffing tool that you can use immediately. It also serves to demonstrate what is possible with CC-Excel. You can build on the table or use it as a basis to design your own worksheets., which can be as simple or as complicated as you have the time and imagination to develop!

The staffing table supports 15, 30 and 60 minute intervals. The operating parameters such as average call duration and service level targets are specified in a separate table (not shown).


Instructions for installing and using the CC-Excel call center Add-In are provided in a available in the User Guide, which provides includes a detailed reference for all call centre Excel functions. The User Guide is installed with the add-in and is also available on our web site. There is also a Windows help system installed with the software.

Purchasing CC-Excel

All major credit cards accepted

CC-Excel costs 99 US Dollars for a single user licence.   You can pay using any major credit card or PayPal. Transactions are with Westbay Engineers Ltd. and are handled on our secure server.  You can have the software running on your PC five minutes from now!

CC-Excel supports all versions of Microsoft Excel from Excel 2000 (32 bit and 64 bit).

CC-Excel includes:

  • 9 call center staffing functions for Microsoft Excel, packaged as an add-in
  • 12 example calculators provided in an example workbook
  • A staffing table for estimating call centre staffing requirements and performance in an Excel worksheet
  • Full user guide and function reference in PDF and Windows Help formats

Please choose a licence type

Please take a moment to consider the type of licence you require.  Your honesty in this matter helps us to continue developing our products. Software piracy is illegal.
A single user licence allows you to install the software on one PC.
Click here to purchase a single user licence ($99.00)
A site licence allows you to install the software on any PCs in one building, owned by the licensed company.
Click here to purchase a site licence ($595.00)
A global licence allows you to install the software on any of your company's PCs throughout the world.
Click here to purchase a global licence ($995.00)

Need more information?

Try looking in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Someone else may already have asked the same question. Failing that, please send us an email.

Technical specification

Operating system All 32 and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows.
Excel versions All Excel versions from Excel 2000 (32 and 64 bit versions)
Traffic model used Erlang B and Erlang C
Operational limits Calls per hours Agents Call duration
Up to 300,000 Up to 10,000 Up to 7,200 seconds
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