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The Erlang B Calculator
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The Erlang B Traffic Model
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Example Calculations
How many lines?
How much traffic?
How much blocking?
The Extended Erlang B Calculator
The Extended Erlang B Calculator window
The Extended Erlang B Traffic Model
Performing a calculation
An example calculation
The Erlang C Calculator
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The Erlang C Traffic Model
The Erlang C variables
Performing a calculation
Minimum number of agents
Example calculations
How many agents?
How many calls?
How much delay?
What percentage in target?
The Call Minutes Calculator
The Call Minutes Calculator window
Performing a calculation
The traffic model used
The Call Minutes Calculator window
Example calculations
How many lines?
How many minutes?
Erlang for Excel
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Analytical intervals
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Erlang for Excel functions
Erlang B functions
Extended Erlang B functions
Erlang C functions
Example Excel calculators

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