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Navigating the calculators

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The main calculator window has four tabs below the title bar, This tab control has four tabs, each representing a calculator included with the programme: Erlang B, Extended Erlang B, Erlang C and Call Minutes. Select the required tab representing the calculator with which you wish to work.


Westbay Traffic Calculators main window

Westbay Traffic Calculators main window


Clicking on a tab bring the workspace for that calculator into view.


There are five buttons on the right side of the main window:


This button starts a calculation.
If a lengthy calculation is in progress, this button can be used to cancel the calculation.
Pressing this button closed the application.
This button opens a separate window from which the results for the last week can be viewed and printed.
Opens this help system.


Below the buttons, there is an area called Traffic. You can use this area to select the traffic units that the calculator will use (Erlangs or C.C.S.).


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