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Installation of Erlang for Excel

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Erlang for Excel has automatically installed with this installation of Westbay Traffic Calculators. No further installation work should be necessary.


A self test utility has been provided in order to test whether Erlang for Excel has been properly installed on your computer. To run this, open the Erlang for Excel workbook from the Start Menu: Westbay Traffic Calculators | Erlang for Excel. The results of the test should be shown on the first worksheet. If the test fails, then please follow the instructions shown.


The software must be installed by a user with Administer rights. It can be used by all users on the computer. Each user who needs to use it should run the re-install applet from the start menu to make the necessary changes to the Microsoft Excel configuration. This is available on the Start Menu at: Westbay Traffic Calculators | Re-install Erlang for Excel.


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