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How many agents?

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How many agents should be available, if 300 calls of 60 seconds duration are received? It is required that 85% of calls are answered within 30 seconds.


An example calculation

An example calculation


Click with your mouse on the radio button next to the Number of agents / operators field. This indicates that it is this quantity which is unknown and to be calculated.
Enter the figure 300 into the Number of calls edit box.
Enter the figure 60 into the Average duration edit box.
Enter the figures 85 and 30 into the Percentage answered edit boxes. Leave the average delay edit box blank.
Press the Calculate button.


After a short time, the figure 7 will appear in the Number of agents field indicating that 7 agents are required to answer these calls if the performance criteria are to remain within those set and the assumptions of the Erlang C traffic model are met.