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The Call Minutes Calculator window

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When you open the Erlang C Calculator, a dialogue box is displayed. This dialogue box is used to perform all the calculations.


The Call Minutes Calculator

The Call Minutes Calculator


The Call Minutes Calculator is divided into three sections:


1.The top section is used to display and enter the daily traffic and number of lines required. Both entry areas in this section have associated radio buttons which you can use to indicate which quantity you are trying to calculate.


2.The second section is used to enter the assumptions used by the calculator. These are the Blocking target and the Busy Hour Factor.


3.The final section contains one box which shows the Busy Hour Traffic corresponding to the displayed daily traffic. There is a small button to the right of this box. Pressing this button transfers the displayed busy hour traffic figure to the corresponding boxes in the Erlang B and Extended Erlang B calculators.


There are also five buttons at the right of the dialogue box which are used to perform calculations, stop calculations, close the programme, display previous results and access the on-line help system.


When entering figures into the edit boxes, a full stop or period should be used as a decimal mark, NOT a comma as is the convention in some European countries.



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