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Free online erlang traffic calculators

We are pleased to provide seven free traffic calculators for dimensioning telecommunications trunk groups, calculating Voice over IP bandwidth and estimating staffing requirements of a call center / call center. They can be used online, now, and are free of charge.

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Recommended software

Erlang B Calculator

The Erlang B Calculator can be used to work out how many lines you need for a trunk group if you know the Busy Hour Traffic which the trunk group is offered.

Lines to IP Bandwidth Calculator

The Lines and IP Bandwidth Calculator can be used to estimate the bandwidth required through an IP based network for a fixed number of voice paths.  voip bandwidth calculator calculates the bandwidth requirements for voice over IP.   This depends on the voice compression scheme used (e.g. G.711, G.723, G.728, G.729), the packet interval and the transport protocol (RTP, cRTP).

Call Center Calculator

Our Call Centre Calculator, which can be used to estimate how many call centre agents you require for each hour of an eight hour day, and how many trunks you need.

Call Minutes Calculator

The Call Minutes Calculator uses the number of minutes of traffic a trunk group is offered in one day to work out the number of required lines.

Erlangs to VoIP Bandwidth Calculator

The Erlangs and Bandwidth Calculator can be used to estimate the bandwidth which must be provided through an IP based to satisfactorily transport a given busy hour traffic level.

Extended Erlang B Calculator

The Extended Erlang B Calculator is similar to the Erlang B Calculator but takes retries into account. It can be applied to trunk groups from which no overflow facilities exist.

Erlang C Calculator

The Erlang C Calculator can be used to estimate how many agents are required in a call centre, if the quantity and length of incoming calls are known.
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