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sofiane - 14th October 2016  (21:53 GMT)

Great thanks for your support Wallis, It's very useful :-)


Wallis Dudhnath - 14th October 2016  (09:40 GMT)

Hi Sofiane,

You have raised an excellent question.

Short answer: You will need a separation. From experience with GSM/3G/Wireline/etc.. I always have a separation.

An Erlang is a unit of telecommunications traffic measurement and it
basically represents the continuous use of one Voice circuit / connection.
Erlang has it's connection with the early days of Voice Telephony services.

Lets look at a quick example. If a group of user made 30 calls in one hour, and each call had an
average call duration of 5 minutes, then the number of Erlangs this represents is worked out as follows:-

Minutes of traffic in the hour = number of calls x duration
Minutes of traffic in the hour = 30 x 5 = 150
Hours of traffic in the hour = 150 / 60 = 2.5

Traffic figure= 2.5 Erlangs

For blocking we can use ErlangB - this is another topic.

For your case I would have a separation of Voice and Data.

-Erlangs (or mErlangs) can be used for your GSM/3G/4G Voice.

-Number of SMSs/MMSs Hour for SMS/MMS services. Information can be derived from your

-Data (Mobile Broadband and PCRF): Use the information from your SCP (Diameter Requests)

Please let me know if you need any further information.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

sofiane - 13th October 2016  (16:20 GMT)

Hi Wallis,

Appreciate your feedback; it's not possible to convert MB to Erlang to have total figures (voice + data) in the same units ?


Wallis Dudhnath - 12th October 2016  (09:10 GMT)

Hi Sofiane,

Historically, Telecommunications Networks (e.g. Wireline) were dimensioned based on forecasted traffic volume.

This was based on the Erlang. This helped operators to understand the number of circuits (e.g. E1.0s) that will be required. Additional software features could be procured or the license could be increased.

Erlang is the main unit that is used for Voice. It is key for GSM/3G/4G for Voice based telephony services.

As Mobile Broadband is now a part of the landscape the MB figure has to be used.

As most Networks now have a "convergent" BSS in place you can obtain Traffic information/statistics
from the SCP (Control) node. This will handle Voice (CAMEL) and Data (Diameter) traffic.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Sofiane - 9th October 2016  (15:03 GMT)

Hi All,

I'm working for a mobile carrier, and I'm asked by my head-office to provide the Core traffic (Voice, Data, SMS), and the RAN Traffic (Voice, Data, SMS), but in the same worksheet cell, so I supposed that it should be in the same unit "Erlang" maybe! I'm in fiance, so I asked my colleagues from network but and they told me that they are able to provide only the voice in Erlang, Data is in GB and SMS in # ...

Anyone have a solution?

thanks in advance for your support

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