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Huawei NodeB UE ping

mahmoud - 31st January 2017  (06:36 GMT)

latency issue

Mahmoud - 26th May 2015  (07:51 GMT)

Dear Friends,

I need to know how I can troubleshoot and enhance the latency in my network for UE end, I have a Huawei 3G network with RNC6900 and DSB3900. the latency in my network as tested from "speed test" is high and not stable at all, the issue is mostly obvious in the online gaming and the customer perception is very bad.

my question is:

1- how much backhauling can affect the latency and how to check it?
2- can radio parameters affect the latency stability and how to check it?
3- does core parameters affects the latency and stability of network and how to check it?
4- what are the counters or the method to check the latency of 3G IP network from NodeB side?
5- how can I enhance UE latency and make it stable?

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