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Erlang calculator BHT

Subodh - 24th February 2017  (15:20 GMT)

Please clairfy relation between CCS, BHT /Erlang

Subodh - 23rd February 2017  (12:17 GMT)

* Please clarify how to calculate BHT?
* BHT equals to CCS/36 is correct for an particular hour?
* For an example if incoming CCS is 68 & outgoing CCS is 134 for an particular hour, then as per my understanding total line requirement is 15. Is it correct?

Westbay Engineers Ltd. - 15th April 2000  (23:37 GMT)


Remember that the B.H.T. figure is the traffic which is OFFERED to the trunk group, NOT the traffic CARRIED by the trunk group.

The traffic carried is the offered traffic * 1-Blocking:

1062 * (1-0.07) = 988 Erlangs.

Now it's less than 1000 :-)

Hope that helps,
Westbay Engineers Ltd.

Yogesh Patel - 13th April 2000  (23:37 GMT)

I am tryng to calculate the maxi. minutes of traffic that can be handled on a incoming system for voice message retrival.

I used the erlang b and extd erlang b with the following LInes = 1000 recall factor = 50% block rate = 0.07 Using Erlang B i get BHT = 1062.68 = 63761 minutes

The maximum number of minutes in an hour should be number of line (1000) X 60 = 60,000 How come BHT be more than the number of minutes the system can totally carry.

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