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TASR/Rxqual Low

manmayur - 14th September 2012  (08:26 GMT)

Many of the BTSs in my BSC shows the alarm " synch clock not locked in the network " ..what may its effects be ??
and gprs is not accessible in some of the BTSs' even though packet data channel is allotted in those btss..the agprs links show data flow ..will anyone explain please why gprs is not accessible the said btss ??

Thanks in advance

guru - 13th September 2012  (10:42 GMT)

Cascading will have impact on TASR....iF you configure more than 12 trx in a single E1 ,you are going to get issues.

pix - 3rd June 2012  (06:44 GMT)


rach failure could be due to two main reasons:
1) the channel request contains an invalid "cause" field.
2) the timing advance is greater than the max timing advance allowed ("rach ta filter" or "max ta")

Reason 2 is quite straightforward. Maximum TA possible is 63, but it can be reduced by operator.

Reason 1 : mostly due to electromagnetic noise which sounds like a near-perfect channel request. Except the field "cause" contains an invalid value.
-> possibly HO ACCESS aimed at another cell (TCH, BSIC) where TCH(n)=BCCH(s) and BSIC(n)=BSIC(s).
-> possibly self-generated noise from the BTS itself
-> a crazy MS
-> an external device that sends bursts of signal, which actually sounds like a ch. req. (i think we've seen an army radar which was doing this, on this forum, a while ago)


sandy - 1st June 2012  (04:53 GMT)

any one can help me to explain rach failure

Saurabh Singh - 13th September 2010  (13:05 GMT)

What the reason for delay handovers?
While attempting the handover Rxqual and Rx level degraded?why?

Mania - 1st September 2010  (05:24 GMT)

Well not familiar with Huawei I think you should start with the usual checking. if the cells are of the same cluster check if IOI is on the increase with same trend. Check if the whole BSC gets effected then it might be some hardware level issue. however if these are random cells at random locations then analyse individually as mentioned below.
As to which TRX / set of hardware gets degraded for each site when the degradation occurs. Also it might be environmental issue so check if any specific band gets degraded. check if distance drops increase or RACH failures increase with the same trend.

Saurabh Singh - 30th August 2010  (07:10 GMT)


Bijoy - 30th August 2010  (07:05 GMT)

TCR=100-TCH Drop Rate

Saurabh Singh - 30th August 2010  (05:00 GMT)

TCR - TCH Comp rate
I am working for Huawei.

Mania - 30th August 2010  (04:06 GMT)

Hi Saurabh,
Could you please explain, I am not familier with the terms TASR& TCR..
I can assume TASR to be TCH_Assign_Success_Rate but no idea of TCR. Also which vendor are you working on.

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