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LOTFI - 7th February 2017  (10:26 GMT)

what is mean COBCCH

vikash gupta - 18th March 2016  (07:51 GMT)

how to define handover between two master 900 and 1800 band that belong to different site.

roshan jha - 20th July 2015  (06:33 GMT)

Dear sir

why are you not using 900 band is 4 TRx.
then why are you not using in 900Band s more then 4TRx

Ravi - 13th May 2015  (14:15 GMT)


I am facing issue in an IBS site where same feeder line is being used for 2 different operators.
one is operating on 900 and other is on 1800 band. 900 band is using Nokia & 1800 band is using Ericsson equipment.

Problem is that 900 is having poor RX level (-90) whereas 1800 is having good RX level (-56).

what can be the possible cause while there is no alarm in Nokia BTS.

sar - 9th October 2014  (07:56 GMT)


we can define 2 bcch for one cell in ericsson BSC

barham - 26th September 2014  (22:44 GMT)

hi, i have two quastions ,first if we use common BCCH between 900 and 1800 , there be Hand over between 900and1800 or we do not need to add each of them as aneighbor any more , i know this both will be configuredon the smae cell but some times subscribers are going to be on DCS in dedicated mode , my second quastion is that is there any parameter to return back the subscriber to be on 900 to know how is the RX-Level and quality of 900

Mania - 18th June 2010  (06:25 GMT)

yup you are in a fix alright...
Well you can use the cell in that configuration but then you would have to define the cell as single cell and use different FHS's.
But as the no of such sites increase the noise floor on your GSM would increase, and KPI degrade grately and you would not have that specific control on traffic assignment to different band cells. what is the optimal if you do insist to go with your config. is to use lower power on GSM TRXs or down tilt it severely as compared to DCS and assign lower priority to TRXs of GSM all these would reduce the noise floor of GSM so your KPIs would not be effected to that extent.
I would say nevy_14's option is better and you can use it only on cells where you have blocking (not even all sectors to have GSM + DCS)add GSM BCCH and one hopping radio, assign fixed specific frequencies in SFH no 1x1 or 1x3 like stuff.

nevy_14 - 18th June 2010  (05:25 GMT)

Hi Yasuka,

i see that you have a little GSM900 bandwidth.try to use MBC(E//) or Co-BCCH(Nokia) feature, you can use all your GSM900 as your BCCH freq. then you used all the remaining DCS1800 in your MA list (SFH).
GSM900 in term of coverage, DCS1800 in term of capacity.
You can tune the load balancing parameter so that if the GSM900 is fully occupied than the call can be transferred to DCS1800.


yasuka - 10th June 2010  (18:26 GMT)

Thanks Naveen & Ali

if we make config like;
BCCH=1800 (UL)
TRX2=1800 (UL)
TRX3=1800 (UL)
TRX4=900 (OL)
TRX5=900 (OL)

* I prefer to make 900 band as non-bcch and overlaid (OL) due to limited frq, only 10 frqs. Because I can not make good BCCH plan with such less frqs.

And using synthesizer Hopping;

TRX2 & TRX3 will be hopping in MA list or CHG of 1800 frq ( min 2 frqs)

and TRX4 & TRX5 will be hopping in MA list of 900 frq (min 2 frqs)

Is that right? But we lost Hopping gain due to only 2 frq per band.

Because if we use only 1800 band and 4 frq in MA hopping list, that will better performance.

I know that its possible to give priority or make more attractive of any band, 900 or 1800 with parameters like taking traffic from 900 trxs until they are full and then 1800 trx will get traffic or vice versa.

Ali - 9th June 2010  (16:11 GMT)

We can use the MultiBand in the network in order to reduce the use of frequency 900Mhz. it's commonly known that 900 coverage is big than 1800Mhz coverage so the 1800 band should serve for capacity and 900 layer should serve coverage, access and Handover.
there are many parameter to manage the trafic between this two layers for example nonBcchLayerAccessThr and nonBcchLayerExitThr and nonBCCHlayerOffset
I can helpe you if you provide me with sufficent data about your network site location trafic and ....

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