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SD Blcking-SD cong,TCH Blcking-TCH cong

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deepak ravi - 4th November 2016  (13:40 GMT)

THANKS @Anandit - 18th February 2011 (07:08 GMT)

satisfied answere

Anil Bhoyar - 21st October 2016  (07:56 GMT)

SD blockages and TCH Blockage when Low Traffic.

varun - 13th October 2016  (02:50 GMT)

can anyone tell me that what becomes the ranges of TCH & BCCH in GSM?

LEMAURE - 16th March 2015  (14:40 GMT)

Hello Benedict!
TCH blocking is when there is not enough TCH resources to handle traffic. So either you have availability issues if the resource planned is suppose to be sufficient either you should upgrade (Radio, TX or BSS part).

Benedict - 4th March 2015  (16:27 GMT)

What are the factors that induce TCH blocking and how can I unblock them?

pawan - 29th September 2014  (10:18 GMT)

hii all,

somebody tell me, how logical channel works on physical channel, i also well understood about both types of channels

Pramod S B - 26th August 2014  (08:24 GMT)

Congestion and blocking very much related but not the same.But main cause for blocking congestion only.That means all the slots available for sdcch is occupied and no resource available for call setup then we can tell call block happened due to congestion.But blocking is some thing broader , it can happen due to lots of other reasons too.for example due to equipment block (HW issues).improper Rf conditions, issue related with transport n/w etc.

Rahul - 30th May 2011  (12:50 GMT)

Whenever all SD ch are filled and are not available for the allocation that is Sd congestion (time in sec)and during this time interval the attempts made goes into the Blocking bucket ( in %age)same is the case for TCH.

Anandit - 18th February 2011  (07:08 GMT)

congestion means that when ms try for sd channel and all the sd channels are busy it means there is sd congestion
SD block means ms want sd channel but not able to get it due to congestion,hardware issue,interference, or any other issue that case is sd block
means sd congestion is one of the reason for sd block
Sd drop is that case when ms request for the sd fulfill by bts but not able to convert that sd into tch

Same in case of tch drop,block,congestion

Anand - 17th April 2010  (07:42 GMT)

Dear Friends/Seniors,

1)Any body can tell me the difference between SDCCH blocking & SDCCH drop,SDCCH Congestion with specific reason?

2)Also differece between TCH congestion,TCH drop,TCH Block with specific reason

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