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How to Balance Traffic between 900&1800

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LEMAURE - 18th March 2017  (06:47 GMT)

some useful parameter to consider
CRO (higher values on 1800)
Layer (Higher value on 1800)
HO Layer Threshold (Lowest value on 1800)

kitururu - 16th March 2017  (12:38 GMT)

How to balance traffic on Huawei MBC cells?

What parameters can i tune to shift from 900 to 1800 ?

Mwiya W - 12th August 2015  (08:18 GMT)

How do push voice traffic from 900 to 1800 band on common BCCH cell?

TYs - 18th April 2012  (07:12 GMT)


I want research Balance traffic in GSM. How can i get the document tell about it?

sela - 27th November 2010  (14:29 GMT)


b - 26th November 2010  (08:45 GMT)

hi sela
TCH Traffic Busy Threshold(%)
Default value is 60
Modify according to ur needs, but i recommend u 80

sela - 18th November 2010  (10:42 GMT)

Can someone help me to know how i can control how much percentage of traffic is to be on half rate and how to be on full rate

Alexia - 21st August 2010  (22:04 GMT)

Hi Sela,
If you have installed Huawei BSC6000 LMT on your machine just log in and press F1 (To get Help page) then search for that parameter..and any other parameters. You should be able to understand something.

sela - 20th August 2010  (10:48 GMT)

can someone explain to me how this Huawei GSM paramter means: AMR TCH/H Prior Cell Load Threshold(%)

zyoti - 26th August 2009  (17:43 GMT)

HI timz,

i have one option,

first make your Min RX lev of 1800 layer to 75 or 85dBm and make CRO to lagge amount as. 30 to 40 dBm ( i know u say it unhealthy pulling traffic) but remember i have put access leve to 75 to 80 dBm so that good level of strength is achived, this enable the near all traffic(indoor and outdoor ) to clamp in 1800 with required rx lev then, also modify the HO PBGT and HO RX Lev accordingly , iam sure it will work... Hope this will help u

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