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Remote login to nokia bsc

ANWAR HUSSAIN - 3rd May 2017  (02:05 GMT)


NA - 11th February 2017  (19:49 GMT)

Dear, You need NetAct connection or TNMS.
You have to request your manager for this.
Hope this will help you.

reza - 5th February 2017  (17:32 GMT)

I like to connect to nokia ultrasite remotely ( I really need to this solution)

lipun - 14th February 2016  (18:41 GMT)


please tell me , how to login bsc from home(that means through internet)

Dikshit - 28th November 2015  (03:11 GMT)

How it's possible to login BSC by Internet

NA - 26th November 2011  (14:50 GMT)

but brother this is not accessible for a BSS Engg. if u know how to get, plz share the complete process.


mahfuz - 20th November 2011  (06:47 GMT)

u can login to BSC3i from home using nokia RAS connection.

NA - 31st October 2011  (05:15 GMT)

@ andie
dear, logging bsc from bts is not possible, but u can follow my previous steps to log ur bsc using internet. And according to me it would be better because if it is possible to connect bsc from bts then what would u do if ur bts will be down and u have to connect ur bsc? So the connection to the bsc using internet is the better solution and u can use any network to connect internet.

andie - 23rd October 2011  (13:08 GMT)

how to resolve alarms bsc from bts ... please help thank you

NA - 20th October 2011  (07:24 GMT)

yes dear, it's possible
the basic funda is u have ip connectivity of any of the equipment u want to put in network. So for Nsn bsc u should know ur bsc's IP, if u dun know then no problem u have to just put a command ZQRI and u now u know the logged bsc's IP. Now for logging in to ur bsc through ur IP u should configure ur lan adaptor, connect lan cable to ur pc and another end toMCMU's port and telnet that IP and u'll be logged on.
Now u r ready to put ur system on ur own network (that may be internet). U can now connect this to switch to ur own gateway or host. And u can connect ur bsc from ur site using internet.

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