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Load for Signalling Link

Wallis Dudhnath - 1st December 2016  (11:25 GMT)

A SS7 (C7) Signalling Link should be dimensioned so that it can handle a maximum signalling load of 40%. The value six is a weighting factor. MSUs supports the different SS7 messages: IAM, IFAM (BTNR 167), ANS, REL, CPG, etc..

Link sets should be dimensioned so that they contain a maximum of 16 signalling links. An odd configuration will lead to an imbalance with the load distribution.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

anupam - 1st December 2016  (04:24 GMT)


Baas - 19th January 2009  (12:45 GMT)

Dear Pap,
Thank you very much for your discussion,
The utilization equation that I found is

and I have another question, Could you please explain me about frame check sequence ? I want to know the length of this field. T_T Please help me.

Pap - 19th January 2009  (09:59 GMT)

Dear, Baas!
Could you write the complete equation?
Probably, '6' is average number of MSU for one connection.

Baas - 18th January 2009  (10:22 GMT)

How can I calculate signaling traffic load ?? I found some equation, but I don't ubderstand...why (MSU*6) ?? Could you please explain about this ??

Thank you very much for every comment and suggestion.

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