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E1 Optimum Utilisation

Nitish Rana - 4th March 2017  (08:13 GMT)

Need to check on how to calculate traffic per E1

Untung s - 6th September 2016  (10:55 GMT)

Need to check on how to calculate traffic per e1

watcharapong - 20th February 2014  (03:34 GMT)

How to calculates E1 utilization

K Chandrakant - 1st March 2011  (15:11 GMT)

I would like to know how to derive the utilisation of E1 with Throughput figures.

Javier Munoz - 13th July 2006  (16:40 GMT)

I also need an answer to the question of Stavros.
Our company is Pacifictel S.A., from Guayaquil, Ecuador.
We are still working with TDM and planning to migrate to IP Technology.
So in order to dimension our network capacity we need to have the support to do the calculations.
Best regards,

Chris Smyth - 24th July 2001  (13:10 GMT)

I would appreciate similar information..glutten for formulae!!!


Stavros - 24th June 2001  (23:17 GMT)

Among different carriers in UK (BT, C&W, etc) there is a figure of optimum E1 Port Utilisation (on Voice Switches) in terms of minutes. This is 250,000 minutes/E1/Month for voice traffic while 400,000 minutes/E1/Month for ISP Traffic. This is derived using the Erlang B model assuming a MCHT (Mean Call Holding Time)(=average call duration)for a voice call to be roughly around 3 minutes while for an internet call to be 20.

Can anyone give me a better hint (possibly a URL) of the whole mathematical calculations (process) which lead to this 250,000 and 400,000 minutes per E1 per month as an optimum utilisation figure.

thanks a lot in advance


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