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Calculating E1s and Bandwidth

Wallis Dudhnath - 8th January 2017  (08:47 GMT)

A response to Majeed's question.

E1 and PRI are based on a 30 Channel PCM system. PCM is Pulse Code Modulation. E1 is a 2.048Mbits/s and uses TimeSlots to convey digital information. PRI is for ISDN. The D channel (Delta) is the signalling Channel. By convention, Time Slot 16 is used. PRI is used with a ISDN PABX - ISPBX.

Amit - 4th January 2017  (14:55 GMT)

wan link calculator

Subhash - 14th October 2016  (11:27 GMT)

How many TRX's does one E1 support? Is the capacity of E1 is exactly 2mbps or what else. Can U please answer with in details.

Mohd Ismail - 29th April 2014  (08:40 GMT)

How to derive in-terms of Erlnags in for Each TRX considering all time slots have engaged for 1Hrs duration(Ex:for calculations purpose)....In short Each TRX card generates how much traffic/Erlangs in Hr period.

gsm - 17th July 2013  (04:46 GMT)

how many trx are there in one e1

alexander - 15th September 2005  (07:13 GMT)

jood, yes, you right, the minimum amount of TS on A-bis is 24. every TRX need own LAPD link, you may put LAPD link inside traffic channel allocation of that TRX, so 2 bits on A-bis will not be used for traffic, so 1 TS on Air interface also can't be allocated for traffic, you may put BCCH on that TS on Air int.(if it's BCCH TRX), or you may put SDCCH . Also Base Station needs O&M link which also allocate at least 2 bits on A-bis, you may alos put it inside traffic channel allocation of some TRX, so 1 TS on Air int will not be allocated for traffic.... but of cource you may put all LAPD links and O&M link on separate TS on Abis, so BS with 12 TRX will need at least 27 TS + 1/4 TS

jood - 12th September 2005  (14:30 GMT)

Thanks dear elxander:
let us say i have 12 TRX at GSM site. how many TS on A-bis i need(definetly). is it 24Ts.
Cuz practically i saw some people using diff way.
thnaks in advance.

alexander - 12th September 2005  (14:17 GMT)

to jood: Why you wrote "thus 1 TRX = 2.5 E1 ts" ? if you have 1 TRX per cell then you have to set BCCH at TS=0 on Air int, so first 2 bits in firtst TS on E1 is free of traffic channels, so you may put LAPD link in those 2 bits,
so 1 TRX = 2 TS

jood - 12th September 2005  (13:16 GMT)

please as i know, one GSM TRX = 2TS on A-bis E1, so we use the margin about 0.3 or 0.5, thus 1 TRX = 2.5 E1 ts.
is it for signaling or what.
thanks in advance.

kapillikhar - 10th August 2005  (04:06 GMT)

i want to know how we allocate the e1 in gsm as well as in cdma?

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