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Echo problem on MSC & BSC

Wallis Dudhnath - 9th February 2017  (06:14 GMT)

Check if you have Echo Canceller in pool with your MSC/VLRs and that it is configured for NEXT / FEXT. Early deployments of GSM has Echo / Crosstalk issues due to unbalanced circuits. This was the case for Wireline to Mobile.

VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Tushar - 7th February 2017  (05:21 GMT)

I think cross-talk is not a issue related to CICs as one CIC can only be used to transport one 64kbps call.
and as far i know there will be CIC mismatch only if you configure wrong CIC on one side, on the same channel.

brajesh kumar gupta - 29th January 2011  (11:06 GMT)

what command use to find cic mismatch find in ERICSSON system.

faraj - 13th June 2007  (16:05 GMT)


in our gsm network a cross talk problem has arised after migration to new alcatel bscs connected on our new ericsson ngn mgw the problem is kind of random you call normally and suddenly hear people talking from another call and some times the call is droped.can some one hint to probable causes?

Naren - 29th May 2006  (01:37 GMT)

Hi rajesh,

Ciphering is implemented as the voice needs to be secure.
Nothing will happen but the voice over Air can be cloned.
Also u might Face some Cross-talk issues.

rajesh - 21st May 2006  (13:37 GMT)

what will happen if ciephering is not provided by the operator

Rajiv Saini - 23rd January 2006  (07:36 GMT)

Hi Nitin,

I think the CIC is not the reason for that. Bocz you can't connect two ckt's, if the CIC values at both ends (e.g.,at mobile xchange end & at PSTN xchange). If you do that then the ckt at the other end will go to seal state.


Sanjib - 21st January 2006  (09:45 GMT)

Hi friends,

We are using Nokia Dx-200 switch kat our end, and I've also faced the same echo problem but when I been through all the parameters defined at our end, its ok. I would like add this also that this echo problem is with our local BSNL.Though I don't have any knowledge on BSc and BSS, which is also of Nokia fortunately in our network. Could anybody help me out to solve this.

Naren - 16th January 2006  (01:37 GMT)

1) Cross-talk is possible on Air Interface too as someone explained(when ciphering deactivated).Make Sure your MO authentication is activated when u enable ciphering.

2) Make Sure your BCCH and BSIC combination is Unique.

3) Check with ur Trau modules(Code) Maye be the PCM Timeslot is Overwritten.

4)CIC -mismatch can be a reason too.

Nitin Kh - 12th January 2006  (04:58 GMT)

Crosstalk is the hottalk actually ..Even I encounter it in my network..Well talking bout cross talk on air interface ..Not possible ..I think it has got to do something with the CIC's ..But Dnt have much knowledge about it?? Any NSS person with any document on these CIC's

Please mail it to me on


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